Nature’s Answer is proudly partnered with the Vitamins Direct Group of companies, an internationally acclaimed group of the best healthcare brands around the world. Here at Nature’s Answer, we aim to bring you premium health supplements enriched with the goodness of Nature, to give you a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Ever since the inception of our partner brand- WT Rawleigh in 1889, we’ve created, implemented, and innovated the best methods to bring you the goodness of vital nutrients through our products. The W.T. Rawleigh Company has been a friend of the family since 1889 when William Thomas Rawleigh began his independent sales career at the young age of 18. Rawleigh secured a large number of customers with his dependable service, honest methods, and free trials. He would leave products on “time and trial” knowing that the products would sell themselves. With over 31 years of experience, The Good Vitamin Company, also a part of Vitamins Direct Group,  was the first UK Company to supply consumers with vitamins and supplements directly from the manufacturers.

The Vitamins Direct Group has been a dream project for Mr. Ram Swamy, our CEO and a man of principles to give back something to the land his heart belongs. India is growing to be one of the most powerful nations in the world and people are well aware of the importance of good health- especially during these trying times of the Pandemic. Thus, Nature’s Answer aims to bring about the same goodness here that we’ve spread all around the globe.

We continue to maintain our tradition in terms of no compromise in quality as well as we apply the latest technologies to be your trusted source of high-quality, effective products, with customized choices, informative advice, and superior, personalized support.

We are all ears when it comes to your feedback so we’ll always appreciate your comments, compliments, and criticism and work on them to give you the best. You’re always welcome to talk to us about your experience over chat, calls, or emails.

We believe that healthy living is not just about supplements. Hence, we are here for all your needs. We believe that by listening to your concerns and offering high-quality supplements, we can nurture strong relationships. Our headquarters is situated in Mumbai. We have been working in Mumbai since the early 2000s. The Mumbai office of the Group provides back-office support and the best in sales and customer service solutions. The team also provides personalized healthcare attention to our long-standing customers.

The Headquarters for WT Rawleigh is in West Palm Beach, Florida and for The Good Vitamin Company is at 100 Avebury Boulevard, MK91FH, Milton Keynes, UK. The Group also has its operations in South Korea and Mumbai.

We are proud that the very same values that we believe in as a company is reflected in all of our offices worldwide to ensure we become the preferred healthcare company to people around the world.

Wish you the best of health,

Nature’s Answer

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